Representatives of the "Bijeljina"University on TV Novi Pazar in the show ZIVOT GRADA aired on 24.04.2019. 
Seminar for agricultural producers

The Faculty of Agriculture, University of Bijeljina hosted a seminar for agricultural producers "Challenges in Agriculture" for the eighth time in a row. This already traditional winter expert meeting was held on Wednesday 12.02.2020. in co-organization with the Administration of the City of Bijeljina, the BiH Plant Protection Administration, and the Chamber of Agricultural Engineers of the Republika Srpska...

2020 graduation ceremony

Traditionally, on the occasion of the Day of the University "Bijeljina" and the baptism of glory "Saint Sava", the University of Bijeljina is 27.01.2020. The graduation ceremony was organized. On this occasion, 156 students were awarded a diploma, which will be a step into a new phase of further life and work.

IEP 2019 International Conference: Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development for the Purpose of Achieving Strategic Objectives of the Republic of Serbia within the Danube Region: Science and Practice in the Service of Agricultural Workers

At the last International Scientific Conference "Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development for the Purpose of Achieving Strategic Objectives of the Republic of Serbia within the Danube Region", organized by the Institute of Agricultural Economics in Belgrade, one of the co-organizers also took part at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Bijeljina.

ERASMUS + project "Vitalizing ICT relevance in agriculture learning - VIRAL"

Strengthening the faculties of the faculties of agriculture to use, apply and impart new knowledge regarding information and communication technologies in agriculture is the main objective of the Erasmus plus project "Vitalizing ICT Relevance in Agriculture Learning - VIRAL", which will be approved by the European Commission. and Bijeljina University

Announcement of the Graduation Ceremony for Students of Bijeljina University

Graduation ceremony for students of Bijeljina University, who graduated from the period 28.01.2019. to 01/15/2020. will be held on 27.01.2020. at 13: 00h, in the amphitheater number 3 of the University "Bijeljina".

Best students at the reception with the President of RS

On the occasion of January 9th - Republika Srpska Day, the President of the Republic of Srpska, Mrs. Željka Cvijanović, hosted a reception of the best students from the Republic of Srpska at the Palace of the Republic in Banja Luka on Saturday, December 28, 2019.

Student Survey - winter semester of the 2019/2020 school year

Rulebook on student evaluation of the quality of the teaching process, which is 30.3.2013. adopted by the Senate of the University "Bijeljina", regulates student surveys as a specific form of student evaluation of the quality of the teaching process.

Traditional New Year's reception with the Mayor of Bijeljina

At the traditional New Year's reception for the rectors of the university and the deans of the faculty in Bijeljina, representatives of higher education institutions thanked the City Administration for good cooperation, support for their activities, and strengthening the student standard.

Participation in a scientific and professional conference with international participation entitled "Challenges of maturation in the 21st century"

Members of the Student Parliament of Bijeljina University participated in the VI Annual Scientific and Professional Conference with International Participation, organized by the Psychological Counseling Center for Students at the Student Cultural Center Niš in cooperation with the Union of Students of the University of Niš


Notice to Students of Bijeljina University


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