Representatives of the "Bijeljina"University on TV Novi Pazar in the show ZIVOT GRADA aired on 24.04.2019. 
Traditional New Year's reception with the Mayor of Bijeljina

At the traditional New Year's reception for the rectors of the university and the deans of the faculty in Bijeljina, representatives of higher education institutions thanked the City Administration for good cooperation, support for their activities, and strengthening the student standard.

Participation in a scientific and professional conference with international participation entitled "Challenges of maturation in the 21st century"

Members of the Student Parliament of Bijeljina University participated in the VI Annual Scientific and Professional Conference with International Participation, organized by the Psychological Counseling Center for Students at the Student Cultural Center Niš in cooperation with the Union of Students of the University of Niš


Notice to Students of Bijeljina University


Link: The Registry of the Accreditation Agency of the HEU RS

Conference with international participation "Village and Agriculture" 2019

At the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Bijeljina is 27.09.2019. The second conference with the international participation "Village and Agriculture" was held on the year. In addition to the Faculty of Agriculture, many domestic and foreign co-organizers from the field of higher education took part in the organization of this Conference.

Bijeljina Health Festival

The Third Health and Healthy Lifestyles Festival, held in Bijeljina, was accompanied by several sections, and besides presenting participants at the stands, there were also presentations and lectures on the topic "Contemporary Challenges in Medicine".

School 2019/2020 start. at the University of Bijeljina

School 2019/2020. year for students of all years of study begins on Monday, 07.10.2019. years.

The teaching schedule will be subsequently highlighted on the University website and bulletin board.

Admission exam for the students enrolling in the first year of study in the first enrolment period was held

The admission exam for the students of the first year of study, in the first enrolment period, was held today at Bijeljina University.

Students can enrol in the following study programmes


Sixth Mental Health Fair 2019

This year, the 6th Mental Health Fair entitled "In a healthy spirit, a healthy body" was held this year. This year, in addition to the Psychological Counseling Center, students of the Student Parliament of Bijeljina University participated in the organization. The fair was held on 29.03.2019 starting at 12 o'clock and lasted till 16 o'clock in the premises of the University of Bijeljina.

Seminar for agricultural producers

University of Bijeljina Faculty of Agriculture hosted a seminar for agricultural producers "Challenges in Agriculture" for the seventh time in a row. This already traditional winter expert meeting was held on Friday 15.02.2019. in co-organization with the Chamber of Agricultural Engineers of Republika Srpska in the large amphitheater of Bijeljina University. The seminar was organized by a large number of participants and a number of excellent lecturers from different fields of agricultural production and agribusiness.

2019 graduation ceremony

Traditionally, on the occasion of the Day of the University "Bijeljina" and the baptismal glory "Saint Sava", at the University "Bijeljina" is 26.01.2019. The graduation ceremony was organized. On this occasion, a diploma was handed to 81 students, who will be a step into a new phase of further life and work.