Representatives of the "Bijeljina"University on TV Novi Pazar in the show ZIVOT GRADA aired on 24.04.2019. 
Health and Lifestyle Fair in Republika Srpska

Sponsored by the Republika Srpska Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and Republika Srpska Health Insurance Fund 26 and 27.10. In 2017, the First Fair of Health and Healthy Lifestyle in the Republic of Srpska was held in the Ethno Village Stanisic.

Seminar for Masters of Pharmacy and Medical Biochemistry of RS

Faculty of Pharmacy, University of "Bijeljina" organized a one-day seminar for masters of pharmacy and medical biochemistry of RS, on "Prevention of cardiovascular diseases" and "Supplementation and phytotherapy in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases". The seminar was held on Monday, 23.10.2017. god. starting at 11am at the Bijeljina University.

Participation in the 5th Mental Health Fair in Niš

The Psychological Counseling Center for Students of the Student Cultural Center in Niš organized the 5th Mental Health Fair under the slogan "There is a way". The fair was held on the occasion of World Mental Health Day, 10.10.2017. from 4 pm to 7 pm at the Army House in Niš.

Researcher's Night 2017

The Sixth Researcher's Night was held in Bijeljina under the slogan "Let's create better tomorrow". Researchers' Night was organized on Friday, 29.09.2017. at the Cultural Center from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm. On this occasion, various institutions, companies, organizations, researchers and scientists were tasked with stimulating, motivating and interested a wider audience for scientific research work and innovation.

16th International Agricultural Fair "Interagro 2017"

The traditional Agricultural Fair "Interagro" was held at the premises of the Knez Ivo od Semberija Agricultural Market in Bijeljina, gathering over 120 exhibitors from BiH as well as from countries in the region and beyond.

Raspberry Days Bratunac 2017

The City of Bratunac once again hosted the International Fair of Agriculture, Food Industry and Tourism "Raspberry Days 2017". This eleventh manifestation of agrarians and tourism in the eastern part of Republika Srpska was held on June 30 and July 1, 2017. In the hall of Bratunac high school, on that occasion, it gathered an enviable number of exhibitors and visitors.

Student exchange in Nis 2017

Students of the Faculty of Psychology and volunteers of the Psychological Counseling Center for Youth of the University "Bijeljina" participated in the exchange of students between the University "Bijeljina" from Bijeljina and the Psychological Counseling Center for students of the Student Cultural Center Niš.

Stubble Field Days 2017

Yesterday, in the organization of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of the Republika Srpska, the traditional manifestation of "Days of cereals and soybeans" was held in Bijeljina. On this occasion, the parcel of Semberija Agricultural Property featured over 70 varieties of wheat, soybeans, triticale barley and oats, as well as 12 selection houses from this area.

65th Congress of Psychologists in Zlatibor

This year's Congress was traditionally held in Zlatibor, May 24-27, 2017, entitled "Globalization and Localization of Psychology," and was an opportunity for each participant to contribute to the quality of a scientific and professional conference with the longest tradition in the country.

Seminar New Horizons of Nursing

Seminar for nurses / technicians organized by the Association of Nurses and Technicians of the Bijeljina Region and the Faculty of Health Studies of the University of Bijeljina on the topic "New Nursing Horizons". The seminar was held on Thursday, 11.05.2017. beginning at 12 noon in the large amphitheater of Bijeljina University.