Agricultural production

At the Faculty of Agriculture at University Bijeljina there are two study programs, Agricultural production and Agroeconomics lasting for four years. In the development of agriculture, the education of high-skilled personnel plays a key role. The Faculty of Agriculture in Bijeljina is an educational and scientific institution that performs educational and scientific research activities in the field/ domain of agroeconomics and general agronomy.

Within its educational activities, the Faculty of Agriculture carries out lessons/performs teaching (lectures, practical classes/lessons, seminar papers, field work and other forms of instruction) according to the curriculum for basic/ bachelor/ undergraduated studies and examination of professional knowledge (exams, colloquiums, etc.). The educated staff should have a decisive influence on the development of the agriculture of the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina as a whole by modernizing the level and mobile casino real money no deposit structure of production and its alignment with social needs and market demands.

The Faculty of Agriculture, independently or in cooperation with other organizations, performs scientific and research activities and professional activities through applied and developmental research, studies, projects, engineering and expertise.


The basic objectives/ goals/ aims of the Faculty of Agriculture are:

  • continuous improvement of study programs, or their adaptation to contemporary achievements of science,
  • providing the resources necessary for the realization of educational and scientific-research activities,
  • acquiring knowledge and skills that will enable students and other interested people and institutions to integrate effectively into contemporary economic and social trends,
  • enabling mobility of students in accordance with the Bologna Declaration,
  • continuous training of employees.


The Faculty of Agriculture has the task to:

  • enable students to acquire the appropriate level of knowledge in basic/ bachelor/ undergraduate studies, independently or in cooperation with other educational and scientific institutions,
  • help students and other interested people or institutions in the practical application of modern technical and technological solutions.

Making a decision on the establishment of the Faculty of Agriculture is the result of a comprehensive analysis of the needs of agro-business, which is in the expansion both here and in the neighboring areas. Cooperation of the Faculty of Agriculture with renowned educational institutions from the environment guarantees a high level of personnel training that will successfully apply the acquired knowledge in practice.


By completing studies at the Faculty of Agriculture, the student is trained for:

  • carrying out the work of organization of production and processing,
  • performing marketing activities,
  • transporting of agro-food products, raw materials, support materials and means of production intended for agricultural and business systems of the food industry.