Centre for Continuing Education

The Centre for Continuing Education is working to develop and promote a system of continuing education, education programmes, and to design new procedures for maintaining education.

The centre is managed by a person appointed by the director. Exceptionally, the Centre may be managed by a Vice-Rector, who, at the proposal of the Director, is authorized by the Rector of the University if the competences of the Centre and the department headed by the Vice-Rector coincde in some part.

Continuing education means:

  • active and passive participation in professional meetings and seminars,
  • popularizing continuing education and promoting courses to the general public,
  •  test resolution,
  • study visit for additional education or getting acquainted with the organization of work,
  • formulating an offer for different types of clients (providing basic prerequisites and resources, proper selection of elective courses, unification of courses' maintenance ...)
  • research on the situation in the market of continuing education services (exploring the needs of potential clients, competition activities ...)
  • coordination of the work of the continuing education centres at the faculties within the Bijeljina University,
  • various types of training.



Address: Centre for Continuing Education, Bijeljina University 

Pavlovica put bb 76300 Bijeljina

Head of the Centre:

- dr Drazen Jovanović


Director of the University

- dr Boro Krstić