Centre for International Cooperation

The Centre for International Cooperation operates in the field of:

  • student and teacher's mobility,
  • participation in international projects,
  • establishing cooperation to organize mutual study programmes,
  • conclusion of bilateral agreements,
  • Recognition of ECTS monitored at another higher education institution.

Considering that the mobility of students and academic staff is of great importance for the academic, cultural, political, economic and social spheres, the Centre for International Cooperation seeks to organize exchange of students by providing assistance to foreign students, as well as to assisting domestic students who go to other universities.

In promoting student's mobility, the Centre takes the necessary steps to facilitate the transferability of national points. Thus, the Centre for International Cooperation seeks to remove obstacles to the free movement of students, teachers, researchers and administrative staff. In addition, the Centre mediates the establishment of contacts for participation in international projects.

Recognizing that, in addition to ensuring the quality of the higher education institution, the European Higher Education Area is largely based on the mobility of teaching staff and students, and establishing cooperation between higher education institutions within the European space. This establishment of the Centre for International Cooperation proved to be very justified, and we hope that in the future, it will rise in the segment of realization of international projects.