In order to carry out activities and professional jobs within the competence that require a greater degree of independence, the University shall also organize:

  • Centre for International Cooperation
  • Centre for Continuing Education,
  • Career Development Centre,
  • Centre for Cooperation with the Economy and Knowledge Transfer,
  • Publishing Centre,
  • other centres.

Some of these centres have already established themselves through their work and have implemented a number of activities, such as the Centre for Continuing Education, the Centre for Publishing and partly the Centre for International Cooperation, while other centres have still to find their true affirmation.

The responsibility for establishing, organizing and terminating a university centre is up to Governing board.

The internal organization of the university centre, the way of work and management, as well as the way of performing professional, administrative and technical tasks, shall be regulated by the regulation issued by the Senate.

The activities of the centres are implemented in accordance with the programme of work of the centre, and the services provided by a particular centre to other users are determined by a contract concluded with the service user. Contracts related to the activities of the Centre are concluded by the Director, or Rector of the University.

Depending on the amount of financial resources available, on the basis of the power of authority of the rector or director of the University, certain activities related to the activity of the centre may be concluded by the head of the centre.