Invitation to apply for Move On Seminar V


Dear Sirs,

Please put the following information on the bulletin board of the School / Faculty / Organization to learn about this seminar for as many young people as possible:

  • Are you between 16 and 21 years old?
  • You've participated in some seminars so far, and finally want to do something specific in your city?
  • There are things in your local community that you would like to change, but do you need support?
  • Do you have a specific idea of ​​what you would like to change, but lack the skills and knowledge to do it?
  • Do you know a few peers in your city who would like to join you?
  • Would you like to devote three days to planning specific activities and providing material support for the realization of your idea?

If all of this applies to you, then you're in the right place and here's what to do!

Step 1

Think about things you don't like about your city, especially those that affect young people ...

Get acquainted with these phenomena further and come up with some cool and creative ways to change some of this ...

Take care that your idea involves other young people in your city and that it involves concrete volunteer engagement ...

Step 2

Sign up for this year's Third Move On Seminar organized by the Schüler Helfen Leben Foundation at the SHL House Training Center at Sarajevo in the period 1.12. do 3.12.2017. years (Friday-Sunday).

When filling out the application form, pay special attention to the part where you describe your project idea ...

You can fill out the application form here .

The deadline for submissions is Monday , 20.11.2017. to 12 noon .

Step 3

Share this news with friends and acquaintances in your city, so let them design their own ideas or sign up with a common idea for this seminar, because SHL will choose a team of four participants from each city (one of four ideas is enough to get all four shortlisted) ...

After being shortlisted, conduct a Skype interview with SHL team members and further present your ideas to secure your seats at Move On Seminar ...

SHL bears your travel expenses as well as accommodation and meals costs during the seminar ...

Step 4

During the 3 days of the seminar, with the help of experienced coaches and mentors, plan concrete activities and further develop the skills needed to realize your idea, such as planning, leadership and teamwork skills, public speaking and communication, etc. ..

Meet young people from other cities at the seminar, hear their ideas and share experiences, and make contacts for future collaboration.

Together with the trainers, mentors and seminar colleagues, refine their idea so that it is financially supported by SHL at the seminar itself.

Step 5

Once your idea is supported, immediately upon its return from the seminar, start its realization ...

It will be much easier for you to have the support of fellow students who have attended the seminar with you, coaches and mentors who you can always turn to for advice, and of course you can count on the support of new friends who you met at the seminar.

When you have realized your idea, report to SHL about it and enjoy the results of your work.

Remember to continue to bring positive change to your community, because you have made sure that they are possible.

For any additional information, you can contact the SHL Sarajevo Team via email or in the inbox on the Foundation's fan page . All applicants will be notified of the results of the selection by e-mail on Tuesday 21.11.2017. year.

You can find all the detailed information on the following site:


Please review the SHL site clearly and thoroughly as it is the only valid source of information. The LER and EI only transmits information but is not responsible for any changes that the donor can make.




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