Participation in a scientific and professional conference with international participation entitled "Challenges of maturation in the 21st century"

Members of the Student Parliament of Bijeljina University participated in the VI Annual Scientific and Professional Conference with International Participation, organized by the Psychological Counseling Center for Students at the Student Cultural Center Niš in cooperation with the Union of Students of the University of Niš, entitled "Challenges of Maturation in the 21st Century" .The conference was held November 14-17, 2019 at the Avala Student Resort, and more information on the conference organizing committee can be found at

On the 15th of November, students of the 3rd year of pharmacy Maja Djukanovic and Jovana Savanovic presented the work of a team of authors consisting of Maja Djukanovic, Jelena Mitrovic, Darina Trnovska, Djordje Baletic and Jovana Savanovic, under the item "Psychology of personality and psychology of art". titled “The Link of Mind and Body. Neurotransmitters. Psychotherapy or pharmacotherapy? ”The presentation was very notable because the work is a link between psychology and pharmacy.

A link to the Proceedings from this conference will be added after printing it.

Participation in this conference is a continuation of the successful cooperation between the Psychological Counseling Center and the Student Parliament of Bijeljina University with the Psychological Counseling Center for Niš Judges.

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