Quality assurance


The University of Bijeljina conducts a self-evaluation and assessment of the quality of teaching and working conditions at the end of each academic year, at most at intervals of three academic years. The quality assurance process of the University, formed by the University Senate, is responsible for the self-evaluation process, continuous monitoring, quality assurance and improvement. The Quality Assurance Committee is chaired by the Rector of the University and is comprised of members of academic staff who have experience in working on quality assurance issues and come from various organizational units of the University.

The committee has representatives of students and external partners. The Commission should prepare the University's quality assurance strategies and policies and formulate proposals to the University Senate for final adoption. The Commission has the task of drawing up short- and long-term quality improvement plans.

The Commission is assisted by:

  • University Quality Coordinator,
  • The Quality Assurance Committee, which provides administrative and technical support in the work of quality assurance,
  • quality assurance coordinators at organizational units of the University.

The University Senate establishes procedures for the approval, regular monitoring and periodic reviews of programs to ensure their continued value. The University ensures student participation in quality assurance procedures, as well as consultation with employers, employee representatives and other partners. Student participation is part of regular supervision, and includes the evaluation of lectures, programs and professors and their teaching skills by students, as well as consultation with student organizations and student representatives in academic bodies. Consultation with partners is part of the periodic review of study programs and awarding of diplomas, and includes all partners: alumni, employers, trade unions, authorities, local representatives, etc.

All the data collected through annual supervision and periodic reviews of study programs and diplomas awarded is public, and on the basis of this information the University undertakes concrete measures for quality improvement and implements a strategy for continuous improvement of quality.

The University Senate establishes detailed guidelines, criteria, standards and procedure for internal quality assurance by a separate act.

The role, responsibilities and competencies of the bodies in the field of quality assurance, the process of self-evaluation and quality assessment, as well as other issues of importance for the improvement and development of quality, are regulated by the Regulation on Quality Assurance adopted by the University Senate.